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How to measure your dog



Top Line length is used to determine the most appropriate size for you dog. And you will use this size to order in any items.

The girth length is important for us to adjust outfit for proper fits you dog, please include girth length in your email request/order.

Many clothing sizes bought from stores or catalogs rarely give a good fit on a dog because the clothing is mass produced and the sizes used are based on an average or generic size.

It is very important to get accurate measurements. All the clothing are Custom Made individually and specifically for your dog, insuring a perfect fit.

Back Length (A)
8" - 9"
Miniature, Chihuahua
10" - 11"
Miniature, Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Toy Poodle
12" - 13"
Yorkshire, Poodle, Shih Tzu
14" - 15"
Dachshund, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Pekingese
16" - 17"
Bulldog, Dalmatian, Mixed Breed, Dachshund
18" - 19"
Bulldog, Dalmatian, Mixed Breed, Golden Retriever
20" - 21"
Golden Retriever, Doberman, Shephed, Boxer
22" - 23"
Golden Retriever, Doberman, Shephed, Boxer
24" - 25"
Giant Breeds

Top Line (A): Measure in inches from the middle of the shoulder blades along the backbone to the dog tail.

Girth (G):
Measure in inches around the chest at the largest part behind front legs.
Compare your dog‘s measurement.