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Nonprofit Volunteer Organizations, Rescue and Government Organizations:
There is no charge for adding a link or information concerning your organization's activities.
Please contact webmaster to submit your information.

We are presently advertising in the new Puppies USA and Dogs USA magazines, which will generate readership to this site, along with search-engine query results.

Inexpensive introductory offers for first time customers:

Only $25 includes one link to your site per breed (1 year).

If you do not have your own website and you want to advertise your puppies for sale, we will build a picture page for you and insert your puppies.
2 pictures per puppy, description (100 words or less) and contact information.
Introductory offer: $15.00 per puppy (pictures will be on the site for up to 4 months).

We can lso build you a site within our website, please contact webmaster for details. As low as $70.00 per page.

Via email, send to webmaster.